16 November 2011

Nothing like a little shoe bling!

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This DIY Dorothy inspired shoe from the Wizard of Oz. This article captured my eye because there are wedding shoes that are designed with glitter, but its what I call wedding shoe bling!

This diy wedding craft is fairly simple to replicate and all you need is a few ingredients and a little bit of patience and you are on your way! Learn and read how to make your own glitter shoes!

- Shoes - any type will do.
- Red glitter - $5 8oz jar at Michael's
- Fabric glue or Jewel glue - make sure to get a kind that dries clear.
- Brush a liberal amount of glue over the shoe and spread with the brush.

For more information on this DIY project, visit Post Grad Crafts!

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10 November 2011

Savor the Cake

Published by Regina at 9:46 PM

I love the TV shows Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes.  I love how they take a cake and make it art.  I don’t like the price they put on it.  Wedding cake is the same.  Lovely and beautiful for a memorable event.

There are many ways you can save money with your wedding cake, from having someone making the cake as their gift, serving cupcakes instead of cake, serving smaller portions and having a dummy cake.
If you have someone you know make your cake, make sure you have them do a mini sample, so you can see their work.  You don’t want any surprises on your wedding day. Also make sure they are up for the challenge and can give you want you want.  Otherwise, stick with a professional and look for other ways to save money.
Serving cupcakes is unique, and may not be cheaper depending on how you have them decorated and the flavors you go with.
Serving smaller portions may save you money as well.  Most companies charge for a 2x4 piece of cake.  If you serve smaller portions, you can save money by ordering less cake. 
I really like the idea of making a dummy cake.  A dummy cake is where you have a baker decorate foam like a cake and  you serve sheet cake!  You could have a little cake to cut if you wanted that you save for your first anniversary.
If you decide to go with a cake, consider using silk flowers instead of real flowers, to save some money.  There are certain flavors that may cost more than others, so sticking to less expensive flavors may be a way to save as well.
If you plan on saving your wedding cake topper to eat for your first year anniversary, store it in Tupperware in your freezer so it will be edible.  My wedding was before my love for Tupperware and we just stored it in the box.  Our cake was memorable, but not in a good way.
Make your cake choice be savory and delightful!
Author: Regina, Tupperware Lady & Savings Queen
Blog: http://www.thecrazynutsmom.com/

02 November 2011

50 Ideas to Inspire Your Husband - FamilyLife.com

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50 Ideas to Inspire Your Husband - FamilyLife.com